Miasteczko Galicyjskie

Galician Town in Nowy Sącz is a remarkable spacious museum, which is a section of Sądecki Ethnographic Park. People call it remarkable because a visit to this place takes us about ten years back to the market and streets that reflect the character of a small-town buildings of nineteenth-century Galicia.

Complex of buildings that form this place is faithfully recreated from old plans, engravings and preserved markets of existing small towns in Małopolska, including: Stary Sacz, Czchów, Lanckorona, Ciężkowice and Krościenko. It is equipped in accordance with the historical records. Strolling through the market square surrounded by town houses, crossing each threshold, you can truly feel the atmosphere from centuries ago.



Miasteczko Galicyjskie
ul. Lwowska 226, 33-300 Nowy Sącz

phone: +48 18 441 63 90



Welcome to the Imperial and Royal Tavern, Gościniec and Galician Café - a place for lovers of mystery and explorers of the past and climatic time travellers. It will be a journey to the Austro-Hungarian province reigned by Franz Joseph I, the "Good Emperor", and the Galician Town built on the outskirts of Nowy Sacz.

The journey in the footsteps of the history, hearing the Nowy Sącz dialect coming out of the shops and craft studios, filled with scents of Viener Melange and spices, sprinkled with flavours of Galician cuisine that  is served in our Tavern.

The journey does not have to end with the town hall chime's stroke of midnight. Our guest rooms give you the opportunity to spend a longer period of time in this unique place - in peace, comfort and accompanied by ghosts of history.